Quantitative Investment Strategies

What is Quantitative Investing?

With the rise of big data and machine learning applications, quantitative investing is a powerful alternative to traditional investment methodologies. We believe that financial markets contain hidden patterns and inefficiencies which can be extraordinarily difficult to uncover. In the face of thousands of data points from financial ratios to the news and even social media, it is often difficult to make sense of all the noise. This complexity makes one thing abundantly clear: no human can analyze it all on his or her own.


If timely and accurate information is a critical factor in analyzing securities and key to successful investments, today’s investors face nothing short of a tidal wave of data. Powerful computer programs, on the other hand, may have everything we need to try to identify and uncover where the best investment opportunities hide. Thus, we “quants” build statistical and mathematical algorithms to search for non-obvious patterns in the markets. We then construct portfolios and systematically apply alpha-seeking investment strategies to exploit these anomalies.


The Quant Advantage

We believe in the tenets of behavioral finance, meaning that investors often make irrational decisions due to natural human biases. By strictly following a systematic, quantitative process, we believe that we are apt to avoid, and possibly profit from, some of the behavioral mistakes that occur. We believe that our quantitative techniques and models allow us to best position our clients for the future.


Our Investment Strategies

Our flagship investment strategies have been meticulously analyzed and backtested over long periods of historical data so that we understand exactly how and why they work. Even after strategies are launched, we are never satisfied and constantly strive to make slight improvements over time.

Passage Index Plus

Passage Dividend Appreciation


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